Seen Live and other Personal Tags

Over at, I have often used “personal” tags like “seen live” to classify and browse artists. While this is very useful for inidividual users, it’s certainly not (or rarely) interesting for others. It would be possible to do the same here, but doesn’t look good on the MB tag pages and leads to messy data.

From what I have seen, MB has the concept of collections. They are quite useful and might be used for this, but the tags are much easier to access from within LB. Are there any thoughs of or existing plans to integrate them better into LB? Or are there other/better ways to do that?



I think its really up to you what you want to do – if collections serve your purpose better than tags, go for collections.

Personal tags are ok as well – we’re not bothered by them – in fact some really fun emergent patterns can come from them that we might use to make better playlists in the future.


Great, thanks for the reply. I guess then I will stick with tags for the time being :slight_smile: