Seeding Recordings

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I recently found the capabilities to Seed in releases, which some of the user-scripts tend to use when importing from other sources.

I have been looking over the functionality and want to tackle the seeding of recordings from OverClocked ReMix.
Upon initial investigation, the 'Add Recordings" has very basic support for injecting core recording data using the “edit-recording” attribute. By playing around with the GET directives, the following elements were are supported.

 - name
 - length
 - artist_credit.names[x]
 - irscs[x]
 - comment

artist (with MBID)

Based on this, are there plans to extend the Seeding for recordings, how can the other elements be passes, and would it be possible to submit a User Script that can scrape the OC Remix recordings, and have relationships added to them, much like the recordings in the OC Remix Series?


You can also seed the “video” flag, relationships and URLs. Is there anything missing?


I wouldn’t say anything missing. Maybe some documentation for this. Cause I am unsure on how to trigger the other details.

For URLs, I tried mimicking the key, value pairs from the Release seed, and it did work for the Recording seed.


A description of how to seed general relationships is at


Thanks for the link! It’s really help.

I’ve designed a simple script that scrapes the data from the page and prepares it. I works well when sending a GET request by populating the field. Sending a POST request seems to create a full record. (Best to avoid that).

I need some clarification about one of the attributes. I have populated the record with Recording-Series relationship, and need to inject the ID of the track into the attribute, but it fails to be parsed.
Using “rels.x.butterfat.y.number” or “rels.x.attribute.number” both fail.

Why is this?

Here is a test link: OC ReMix: 3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night “Welcome to Our Castle” as a recording entry


You aren’t following the format. Your example link contains this: rels.0.attributes.number=OCR03044 First, there may be multiple attributes on a relationship, so they need to be numbered. Second, the key for the attribute content isn’t number, but text_value. So rels.0.attributes.0.text_value=OCR03044 would be closer. However, you also need to specify the attribute type via ...0.type.


Is there not any documentation on attribute type ID’s


You can open an editor, choose your relationship and click the help button, that will show you its UUID.
You can see its numeric ID in the <select> code itself, IIRC, but anyway it’s the other one you need (the UUID).


I’m using the UUID to pick out the “Part of Series” relationship, but I am struggling to trigger the “Number” attribute for this relationship.


It’s a59c5830-5ec7-38fe-9a21-c7ea54f6650a.


Sadly, that failed… :disappointed: