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Maybe a silly starter question:
Is it possible to see the DiscID calculated within Picard (Win10 version)? I know I can look up a CD, but when that returns the wrong release within a release group it is pretty hard to find out which ID might be a candidate to move to the correct release.

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The best thing is probably to click on “Lookup in Browser” in the CD Lookup dialog. Not only will this show you the disc ID on but also a list of releases that match that disc ID. Also you can directly search and assign that disc ID to another release.

A side note: Just because the disc ID is attached to other releases does not mean this is wrong. It is quite common that different versions of the same release (different editions, country releases, even re-releases) share the same ID. So double check before moving an ID, and if in doubt just add the ID to the release you know fits what you have.


Yes, I know I can do that. But in case of a list of up to 5-10 discIDs I would like to know the ID of the disc at hand. That is the one I trust and use as the starting point.

So my question remains: can/how can I see the DiscID within Picard? If not, any advice on a Win tool compatible with the MusicBrainz method of calculating?

If you have a CD and use “Lookup CD” inside Picard, and in the dialog click on “Lookup in Browser” it will of course use exactly the disc ID for the CD you used for the lookup.

Look at e.g.

The page will both show the disc ID used for the search ( GY_E6ZBwfB1lwTL3V1WKmxokSwk- in this case) and a list of releases which have this disc ID attached. The list should be the same that Picard showed in the dialog, e.g. for my case it looked like this:


Thanks for the exhaustive answer.

So first the answer: no it is not possible at this moment.

The solution you showed works now I know the steps. So what i did wrong:

My mistake was to right-click the CD that I got after a lookup CD and then do a lookup in browser (sending you to the disc without showing the discid and in my case a wrong one hit) or do info, and get only information on the cover image used, nothing more. I would love to see more info at info…

Example group:
Disc at hand:
that last one has an ID now, but before it did not have one, and only the ‘other one’ was shown, as that has the DiscID attached.

And my remaining question is: what is the chance that this discid is only for the EU one, and not for the US one…

You cannot tell. I have seen the same DiscID attached to several different country releases, a human is doing the attachment and they could select the wrong release within the release group or it could be correct. The ability to determine release Country is getting more blurred (for many reasons).


I came across this the other day, with the disc ID having been added to multiple releases within the release group in a single edit.

As has been mentioned, this is quite common.

That’s probably an artifact of how the database used to be structured. The primary entity was the disc, not the release, with multiple releases sharing a disc, so there was no way to distinguish which release had which discID when the releases were made the primary entity. You’ll see that on edits older than 2011.