Secondary login

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There should be a secondary login option for the forums here, as one can’t log in if MB is down or it is unreachable.

I assume this is connected to Can't connect via Comcast Xfinity?

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Pretty much, yeah. :frowning:

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Requiring a musicbrainz account makes it slightly harder to post to the forums.
If you have another way to login it would make it easier to automatically create accounts and spam.

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The main reason for requiring a MusicBrainz login (which we’re also working on moving to be a MetaBrainz login) is that you have one account across all our sites, which means that there is one identity making it easier for community members to recognise each other.

I see your issue, but I’m not sure there’s a reasonable way to implement it currently without opening the door for accounts created outside of MB and thus detached from the wider community.


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