Searching help on using the XML Web Service

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As I explained in my presentation, I am working on an application written in Javascript for smartphones to fill an offline database.
I was wondering if anyone could share some code to get me started, I need to call the service with a BarCode, get the most informations and also the image, I understood there was another service for that but I am not sure how to go from one service to the other.
Also, I would like to create objects that would contains all the information on one CD, I have found an MMD schema but I don’t know how to use this.
If I could have a bit a of code in JavaScript, that calls the service with a barcode, initialize a class with the result and fetch the CD image, it would just be perfect, but it is probably a dream.

Thanks for any help,


There is a musicbrainz app that searches and does barcode lookups maybe you could start there and look at the code.


There is also a Picard barcode scanner app.
You need Picard running on a PC and the app scans the barcode and sends it to Picard where that does the database lookup in musicbrainz.


This should get you started (using jQuery for simplicity):

var queryUrl = '';
$.get(queryUrl, function(result) {
  console.log('Found releases: ', result.count);
  if (result.count > 0) {
    var mbid = result.releases[0].id;
    console.log('First release MBID:', mbid);
    console.log('Cover art URL:', '' + mbid + '/front');

See the documentations for the MusicBrainz API and the Cover Art Archive.