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I’m not sure in wich forum I should post this message, sorry if it’s misplaced.

I’m looking for some very simple software to rewrite tag. I try with picard + classic_extra but they are some bugs, and all I want are to copy 3 tag from one place to another. In fact work -> album, ensemble_names -> artists, conductors -> name. So do you know some very basic software ? Event a ruby gem would do (I’m not very good with python…) currently I find some ruby gem but mostly they are unable to manage correctly all the tag musicbrainz got.


You could try Mp3tag and the built-in convert function “Tag” → “Tag”.

This converter formats tag fields by other fields content, i.e., this converter can also be used for copying the content of one tag field to another tag field.

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On Linux Puddletag bears a passing likeness to mp3tag.

The most sincere form of flattery.

Seems like this should be possible with some simple tagger scripting. Using $set() with the appropriate variables (e.g., $set(album,%work%) sets the %album% (release name) to the value of %work% (the work name)). There are probably some caveats involved, but maybe this is enough to get you started?

I also use Mp3tag sometimes (e.g. for renames, but also other tasks) but keep in mind, it doesn’t support multiple values for (some/most/all?) tags on mp3 (and maybe other file formats), e.g. multiple artists or “album + compilation”.
(Maybe it’s possible with specific settings but it’s not working for me with my default settings.)

Are you sure? I tought, this is just a matter of the used separator?

including the statement:

Please note that the real separator between multi-value fields is a binary 0. MP3tag uses the \\ to show (only show) that there are several fields of the same type, in the tag they are still separated by the binary 0.

Yes and no.
As I wrote above: “Maybe it’s possible with specific settings but it’s not working for me with my default settings.”
I have the default settings in Picard and Mp3tag (if I’m right). I didn’t looked for it in detail.
It think it must also be differed between multiple values in one tag (with a separator) and multiple occurrences of a tag, as I had it e.g. with comment fields: I saw multiple occurrences of tags in the Tag View (Alt + T) but combined with “\” in the Tag Panel (Strg+Q).
For me it’s most important to work well in Kodi (as it does, out of Picard). I didn’t look so deep into the settings of Mp3tag. Maybe I’ll do it someday.

I just wanted so give a little “warning”, just to take a look on it. Maybe there are better settings that work well in combination of Picard, Mp3tag and Kodi (and also fulfilling the standards). I don’t know.

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