Search server not working

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I’ve got the musicbrainz vm running on my machine. I’ve indexed the db using bin/reindex and have the site running and functioning as expected on localhost on port 5000 on the host machine ( I’ve used a bridge adapter on the vm so I can access from thd host machines browser ). I can perform searches on the site and get back results as expected. The issue is that the search server is not working. If i hit localhost:8080/ws/2/artist/?query=feed from the host machine I just get “this page is not working. The server didn’t return anything”

If I run ifconfig on the vm I can see the MB website running on port 5000 listed as running but there is nothing running on port 8080.

Is there something else I need to do to get the search server running? From looking at the guide it suggests it should just be running on 8080 after starting the vm.


I managed to fix this by editing the docker-compose.yml and adding:

 - 8080:8080

to the search block. I’ve since noticed that the search server is actually available be default on port 5000 (so I can hit http://localhost:5000/ws/2/artist/?query=feed). From reading the docs I was expecting to be able to hit localhost:8080 and get the search server.