Search results using Artist Id and Song Name

Ultimately I’m looking to get any release group id, so interested in whatever path gets me there…

So having an Artist Id and Song Name, how would one go about getting the release group?
I would have thought i would have some success with:

example Sade artist ID = 67930b3e-e00b-469f-8c74-fd69f20522ec
and song name = The Sweetest Taboo“The Sweetest Taboo” AND arid:“67930b3e-e00b-469f-8c74-fd69f20522ec”&limit=100&fmt=json

But this gets no results with what i would have thought an other valid query.
There is not a specified field for song name using the release group resource, but i figured with 100 results i would find what i was looking for.

What say you?

You cannot find that looking at releases but you can find it looking for recordings.
The results will have a list of recording id’s and from here you can get a list of release groups."The%20Sweetest%20Taboo"AND%20arid:67930b3e-e00b-469f-8c74-fd69f20522ec&limit=100&fmt=json

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That’s more or less what i do now, though if seeking by recording i use the dedicated recording parameter"The%20Sweetest%20Taboo"%20AND%20arid:67930b3e-e00b-469f-8c74-fd69f20522ec&limit=100&fmt=json

this gives me only 45 results as opposed to the 2 million or so without it, in this case i would think that less is more