Search result score

When searching for artists, the search result scores sometimes seem inaccurate. For example, when searching “drake”, I would expect the much more popular Canadian rapper to show up at the top of the results. Instead, a relatively unknown Polish sea folk band tops the results. In fact, the Canadian rapper is the third result with a score of 97. Another example: when searching “tupac”, the rapper is the third result, with a low score of 55.

Is there any active or expected development on incorporating an artist’s popularity into the search result score? The popularity could be calculated using social media statistics, such as number of listeners on streaming platforms.

Not really. There’s a possibility the search will take into account things like number of releases, but I don’t expect us to start checking streaming platforms for listeners.

That’d be because compared with artists that actually have “Tupac” in their name, someone who just has an alias of “Tupac” is always going to be lower. Keep in mind the 55 is just how well it matches the term in comparison with the top result (which is always 100) - don’t try to find much meaning in Lucene scores.

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