Search for artists, albums and tracks on ListenBrainz

Hello everyone,

We just recently released a first version of a search feature for ListenBrainz, allowing you to search for an artist, an album (release group), a track (recording) or a playlist, and as before searching for users too.
You can use the search bar in the left-side menu, or go to

We already have some ideas for improvements, but hopefully this first version fills the hole we created when we introduced artist and album pages with no good way to search for them!


I feel like a unified search* might make sense to have, especially when searching from the sidebar. sure, we could also add a search type selector there, but most most music sites either have unified search as an option (Bandcamp, Discogs, and Rate Your Music) or the main option (Spotify, Apple Music, and maybe Deezer)

*a search for any entity

granted, this might all depend on SEARCH-587…


Yes, ideally we would like a unified search as well, but as you mentioned, since we are currently using the MusicBrainz search we will have to wait until that feature is available for everyone.

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This is really great, I love it. And yes, unified search would be awesome (for MB in general).

There is a small layout issue, the looking glass in the sidebar is misaligned (Firefox 126):



Thank you for reporting this!

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Just fantastic! No insight at all from me, simply pleased to use it…