Search API can not find this recording

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I am trying to find this recording using the api

using track title and one of the artists on the track “#1 dads”

i am using an artist and title on a track to confirm the artist’s mbzid, and using a specific track to reduce errors.

i am using'Two%20Weeks'&artistname:'%231%20Dads'&fmt=json

i am using artist name as the documentation says this is how to search for a named artist on a track with multiple artists (i believe)

it doesnt work, could anyone advise as to how you find this recording using title and artist where the number of artists on the track may be more than 1.

I changed it a little bit and it is found now: query=recording%3A%22Two%20Weeks%22%20AND%20artistname%3A%22%231%20Dads%22 (recording:"Two Weeks" AND artistname:"#1 Dads") but I usually use just artist not artistname, I never tried to understand the difference.

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thank you so much…can you advise is the lesson simply to enclose all terms in double quotes as a general rule…is that a known thing?

artist vs artistname
according to documentation
|artist|artist name is name(s) as it appears on the recording|
|artistname|an artist on the recording, each artist added as a separate field|

so i assume the reason why“Two%20Weeks”%20AND%20artist:"%231%20Dads"&fmt=json
works…when it shouldnt (because the artist is" #1 Dads feat. Tom Snowdon") is simply due to the normal reason of the searches being promiscuous when an exact match isnt found?

I use double quotes for everything, it’s just my habit, this search also works with single quotes.
The issue here was that you used & (and even not encodeURIComponent) instead of AND inside ?query=, between recording: and artistname:.