Scrobbling failing to record historically

Listenbrainz is picking up me listening to the song on the sidebar, but new scrobbles have stopped being added for 6 hours now.


Looks to be hanging for everyone - the core LB team is busy or asleep at the moment, but @Bitmap had a peek and it looks like listens are submitting correctly, but the processing queue is stuck. No promises, but hopefully it will be a quick fix!

I’m sure @rob or @lucifer will update us as soon as they’re available.


Not to dogpile (hi, aerozol!) but just confirming this happens to me, too.

To be clear, does this mean that, once fixed, all listens submitted during
the downtime will be recorded correctly?

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@symph0nicretalliati0n Yup, they will be. I just started the backlog processing, should be done in 1-1.5 hours.