Scrobbling Apple Music songs to ListenBrainz via Shortcut

Greeting, Everyone!

I am happy to share an iOS shortcut I made which you could use on your iPhone while listening to the Apple Music app to submit listens to the ListenBrainz server.

Unlike Android, iOS doesn’t provide the notification access to third party apps to scrobble songs directly. This shortcut comes in handy for those looking to submit listens manually to the server and keep a track of their listening history.

We have an iOS app in the pipeline and hopefully we can add more such features to the app as we progress.

In order to use this shortcut properly, go to edit and scroll down to the section as shown in the screenshot to add your ListenBrainz token after the word Token so that you can submit listens to your account.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!