Scrobbles not being added to recent listens

Tonight I noticed that the music I scrobble is not being added to my recent listens. Even though they do show up in the Listening now section.

When my music player switches to a new song, the last song doesn’t register under recent listens. But the new song is being displayed under listening now.

This happens to both simple-scrobbler on Android as when I’m scrobbling music from Lollypop (Linux app).

Looking at the Recent menu, this is probably an issue for more people.

(I am sorry for not responding quickly to any messages as I’m going on holiday tomorrow)

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Same here, with various player and via curl command also (with {“status”:“ok”} response).

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Yes, same for me, it stopped working about 5 hours ago. It was fine before, but since then I am only getting the tracks in the Listening Now section, but nothing further…

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Confirmed, we see that our submission queue got stuck. We’ll fix the problem and process the 45K listens in the backlog.

Thanks for the heads up!


Right, we spotted and hot-fixed the problem. The erroneous listens are being deleted and should be cleared out in about an hour. For the extra geeky, follow here:


you can create free account and check out all our pretty monitoring graphs. #nerds

Once this is done the older listens should appear.