Scripting… running order

Can someone confirm the order scripts are executed when files are loaded.

I know that plug-ins run first, but do scripts then run alphabetically, top to bottom in the list or what? And is this script running order different in different versions of Picard.

As an example, if I have scripts called:
Script 3
Script b
Another script
…(in that order) in my script list, does Script 3 run first, or Another script first?

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Yes, scripts run in the order displayed. You can reorder scripts in Options > Scripting


The execution order of tagging scripts is described in a bit more detail in the Scripts portion of the documentation.


Thanks, something weird was happening with Picard 2.7 and my scripts - ended up going back to 2.6.4 but now I have this confirmed I will look again and persevere.