Scripting help

Hi! I’ve been using Picard for a while now, but I’ve never messed with the default file naming. I’m pretty content with the default structure, but I want to change two things.

  1. I never want “Various Artists”, just the actual performer. So instead of Various Artists/Compilation Album Name/01 Artist - Song Title.mp3 I would prefer Artist/Compilation Album Name/01 Artist - Song Title.mp3.
  2. For multi-artist songs, I want to move all additional artists into the song title. The documentation explains how to do this for artists with “feat” in their name, but I recently had a song come up with the artists separated with commas, and it saved in a folder titled “Artist1, Artist2, Artist3”.

Could someone help me figure out how to make these changes to the default script? I’m confused by the scripting syntax. Thanks so much.

For not using Various Artists, replace the first part of the script where it sets the artist folder




The compilation tag will be set for various artist compilations only. If set, the artist name will be used. If not set it used the album artist, unless that is not set.

For the artists in the track title, the default script actually would already do this. It contains this snippet as part of the filename:

$if(%_multiartist%,%artist% - ,)

If it does not work for you check your script if the above is included. If it is but you still had a case where it did not work, check that release on MB. Maybe the track is not properly linked to multiple artists.