Scripting for Album title followed by Disc number

How would i write a script to add the Disc number to the end of the Album title? For example ‘Luciano Pavarotti - The Complete Opera Recordings, Disc 10’.

In the metadata tags or the file naming (or both)?

Both. The name of the release is Luciano Pavarotti - The Complete Opera Recordings

The file structure/naming would have one folder per ripped disc in the box set like:

Luciano Pavarotti\Luciano Pavarotti - The Complete Opera Recordings, Disc 27

The metadata would be Album = Luciano Pavarotti - The Complete Opera Recordings, Disc 27

It would be better if you could provide a link to the release so that I could see exactly what we’re working with. For example, is “Luciano Pavarotti -” actually in the release name. For the purpose of this example, I’ll assume it is not part of the release title. Note that the following code has not been tested, so please try it out on a copy of your files to make sure that it does what you want.

This would actually be done in two parts. The first is a tagging script that renames the album title as:

$set(album,%albumartist% - %album%\, Disc %discnumber%)

The second is your file naming script, which would look something like this:

%albumartist%/%album%/$num(%tracknumber,2) %title%

Note that there is nothing special required in the file naming script with respect to the album name because that has already been updated in the tagging script.


This is the link

In that case, the tagging script should just be:

$set(album,%album%\, Disc %discnumber%)

Normally the album artist isn’t repeated in the release name.

Thank you, I will try this.