Scripting - Changing the Disc Index

May 8th 2018 - Hi everyone. I am no stranger to programming or scripting however I am having a very specific issue with the tagger. When the tagger interacts with the music file, it will associate it with a disc index like 1 of 1, or 2 of 3, etc. I am wondering what variable this aspect of the tagger uses to write the index in question. Thanks.

It’s the tracknumber variable. The total number is called totaltracks.

You can find a list of supported tags on

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Are you sure @outsidecontext?
Should it not be
discnumber (Disc Number of the disc in this release that this track is on)
totaldiscs (Total number of discs in this release)?


@InvisibleMan78 Maybe. I guess I misunderstood the original question and what was meant with “disc index”.

So @113, just choose the tags you need :slight_smile:

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