Script to remove all tags

Picard has the option to remove all existing tags prior to tagging. That’s great, but I want to apply that feature selectively. Is there a way to use scripting to remove all tags regardless of what they are? The $delete() functions does not accept wildcards (e.g. $delete(*) doesn’t work.)

Note that Picard does not show all tags. I’ve selected and removed all visible tags in the GUI, but tools like kid3-cli still show leftover tags that the Picard GUI ignores (mostly WM/crud tags left behind by WMP, but not limited to that) and these tags are are neither displayed nor can they be edited or deleted.

Any suggestions?

Maybe you can have a look at the $keep plugin mentioned here

There will always be some leftover tags, because they are not supported for example like GLOB or PRIV frames and your mentioned WM tags.

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