Script to change " ; " to " / "?

Hey, I’m using picard, on a mac, to tag the music I’ve compiled in itunes over the last two decades. Most of that music is .m4a, I guess that was the standard itunes format when ripping from cds? I’m then putting all these files into my Emby library.

When picard tags files, especially for Artists, Composers, Genres, it uses semi-colons a lot. Unfortunately, Emby doesn’t read them properly and any information after the first “;” is ignored. However, if " / " are used instead, Emby will read everything.

Is there any script to auto change all " ; " to " / " when tagging in picard? Thanks.

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Those semicolons you see are not actually getting written to the file, they are just how Picard displays multiple values for one tag. But the way Picard writes multi-value tags into MP4 is not compatible with Envy, hence it shows only the first value.

But you can flatten the values into a single value with a script. E.g. to do this for the composer tag use:


Great, thanks! And can I copy the same process for any category i need flattened? Artist? Musicbrainz Artist ID? etc.

Also, all i need to do this is Enable Tagger Scripts, and then copy and paste, right?


Yes, exactly. You add this to Options > Scripts. Add this line for all the tags you need. For the proper names see Basic Tags — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9alpha1 documentation and related pages.

Make sure the script is enabled, than it runs automatically for all loaded releases on the right pane. But you can always also run it manually via context menu if needed .