Script to add suffix to album names

I can’t seem to get my head around scripting. Anyone who would help me figure out how to add a suffix like [file] to the end of every album I tag I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

I should clarify that I want it in the file tag not as part of a file renaming script.

as a reminder here is the documentation

for example:

syntax: $your_command(custom_name_command,$definition_command)
define your variables
make your fonctions
execute the script

Script example
$noop( If your music provide from; album, Add suffix [Album]; single, [Single] )
$noop( First define your suffixe, you can modify later if you want)


$noop(detect if is Album or Single)
$noop( $condition(2nd condition(%command script from doc, function response), So make this with $set(YourCustomCommand,defOfyourCommand))
$noop( $if(insideOfMusicbrainzDatabaseContain(%ReleaseType%,album),$SoSet(_IsAlbum,True))

$noop(★ Detect Album ★)

$noop(★ Detect Single ★)
$if($in(%releasetype%,single),  $set(_isSingle,1))
$noop( now that we have the possibility to detect if it is an album or a single, it must be used.)
$noop( $set(Mycommand,If(equal(%_isAlbum,return 1),so Mycommand is %_albumSuffixName%),
If(equal(_isSingle, return 1),so Mycommand is %_singlesSuffixName%))
$noop(now, get the name)

%albumartist%/%album% %MycommandSuffix%/%tracknumber% - %title%

The Beatles/Sergent Peppers [Album]/4 Yellow Submarine.mp3
Eurythmics/Sweet Dreams [Single]/1 Sweet Dreams.flac

Dont forget:

Command OpenParenthesis Name, your command/function/Variable CloseParenthesis


Command OpenParenthesis Name, Conditions OpenParenthesis your condition, aswer CloseParenthesis your command/function/Variable CloseParenthesis CloseParenthesis


Command OpenParenthesis yourCommand must is beetwen here CloseParenthesis

$noop(good syntax)
$noop(Wrong syntax)
     openopen condition close noaction close so set open album so 1 close ...It's a no sense)


I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re after, but I think this may do what you want. The script is actually quite simple:

$set(album,%album% [file])

The important thing is that the script needs to be in the Scripting section of your options rather than the File Naming section.

This will append the text “[file]” to the contents of the album tag for each file. If this isn’t what you wanted, please provide clarification and perhaps an example or two.

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Thank you both. The language of scripting is still lost on me. The variables throw me off but rdswift that scripting worked perfectly. Much appreciated.


Thanks for letting us know that it worked for you. Glad I could help.