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I’m new to Picard, but an experienced programmer, so it feels odd to me to have such a powerful feature continually need to open the options window. I might be making this too hard for myself, but at the moment, I’m opening the options, clicking on Scripting, making my changes, clicking Make It So!, then seeing what’s changed in the list of tags.

It would be nice if I could open a scripting window from the options menu, and leave it open while I make changes, save them, see the effects, etc., as this would speed up the workflow significantly.

Some kind of list of current tags that are available would also be very handy in that window, as at the moment there’s a certain amount of guesswork in finding out what data Picard actually manages to get from MusicBrainz for tagging.


I’ve had this exact same thought process. Leave the thing open, oh, wait, you can’t. Though I did take a really sketchy approach to it for a while while I was working out scripting en mass.

Sketchy indeed.

I have one instance running from an app package, (the standard way of distribution / installation)

…and I have another instance running from the source. Sketchy indeed, but I did get some benefit from it.

I’m gaining on Python knowledge, but I’m no where near being able to look at the code and determine the level of changes needed to implement that level of functionality.

But it’s on my mind. :slight_smile: