Script bounty (claimed): Add RG/release relationships from top level

Kia ora! Time for another one of these.

The requirement is a script that lets me add release and release-group relationships without having to load new pages (e.g. from the artist page). Find an example of how it could work at the bottom of this page, but you may have a better way of doing it (best to discuss first if that’s the case)

The bounty for a this script is 100USD from me ‘can’t really afford it but my time is too valuable to faff about’ fund :+1:

Possible implementation:

This mocked up method adds onto the existing scripts Shortcuts to external links. It would have to be made compatible with Expand/collapse release groups as well (expanded releases don’t currently get their own external links row), or have all the functions combined into one new script. If this really is not possible let me know and I can change requirements.


It’s already been a while since i made this script and shared it on the unofficial discord server, but i forgot to post it here :sweat_smile:

The script checks for the “relationships” column (added by the display shortcuts userscript iirc) and puts the plus button on the right of that if it’s present, otherwise it’ll appear in the right of the “title” column.
Its compatible with the expand/collapse release groups because it checks if the buttons that that script inserts exist, and if any of them get pressed it searches for and adds buttons to all the releases under the expanded release group.
Once you press one of the plus buttons it’ll become a minus and an iframe will appear. Quickly after that it hides a lot of bloat from the iframe, so only the necessary is visible

Since today the script can also be found at userscripts/mb_add_release(group)_links_from_level_above.user.js at main - userscripts - :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @RandomMushroom128!

I have been using this for months now, and it is everything I wanted, especially combined with the ‘Expand/collapse release groups’ and ‘Shortcuts to external links’ scripts.

I have now been adding relationships that I never bothered adding in the past, because they were too many clicks for too little benefit.

Here is an example of the script in action:

add relationships script