Scan results in totally wrong information

What do i do, when scan comes back with totally wrong info?

I have this song

(not this vid - just the song - but its the same)

And scan comes up with some Manic Street Preachers song info…

You can use a lookup, or if you don’t have any tags that can be used for lookup, you can just find the release/recording in the MusicBrainz site and drag-and-drop it into Picard :slight_smile:

Additionally, that probably means there’s a wrong submission in AcoustID, so ideally we’d get rid of that so that future scans will work properly (or at the very least not find anything, which is better than finding the wrong thing). If you can give me the URL for the recording that this gets detected as (select the release on the right pane and click Lookup in Browser and I think it will open the detected release on the website) then I can look into it.

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I think I found the right place to ‘unlink’ the acoustic id…

haven’t figured out how to submit a new one.

will try again another day

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