Scan for Cluster Only?

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Is there a way to make scanning only work for clustering?

e.g. I don’t need the whole album, I actually don’t need any of it. At least not right then. If I can scan and cluster by artist and album from tags, just like I would if I loaded them, Clustered and stay on the left… I’m only interest in Artist at this point in the flow. Album in clustering does not matter, I just don’t want to load the album … yet.

When you’ve got a bunch of totally mismatched scraping the bottom of the hard drive kind of tracks and:

• You may want to use them as singles
• You do not agree at all with the albums chosen, as in you know it’s an artist compilation and Picard is going to place them across many albums.
• You intend to use these tracks as fill for other albums where the same track is required but not the album it scans and identifies with at that time.

Basically, trying to not load all these albums, cover art, fetch lyrics … (eating up APIseeds credits… )

So, yes, untick all the cover art options, disable the API sees plugin* … but it still fetches albums, then you’ve got to save them as before you can just cluster them again. But now you’ve got a bunch of tags in there that … you didn’t care about in the first place. Yes, they’ll get re-tagged when you place 'em where you want them in the end. But again. Time spent fetching albums and thumb twitching.

Especially when Picard matches the track to one of those “Huge Every Artist Ever that Played on a Tuesday Night Since the Second Coming of Christ” compilation releases, and it only matches one track to it.

I’m only going to drag them back to un-clustered and do that again, this time they will stay on the left.

Is this a request for

a) Scanning files to get the AcoustId, but not to download any metadata
or b) Scanning files and force the matches to be loaded as standalone recordings (aka non-album tracks)?

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The former, if that means that the metadata for that particular track can be loaded - without loading the whole album, fetching artwork, etc. Just get the tag data that would be applied to that track.

…which, I see how you could construe that as option B, I just didn’t want to use that terminology right off as to avoid the “Picard is targeted towards albums” themed responses :slight_smile:

If you load tracks with metadata, use the cluster, and do not have them automatically going to the right side, the same thing can be accomplished. So, yes, they could all be loaded to an album, saved as a bunch of incomplete albums, …and be used as drag in and drop from the file browser. But since loading tracks and just leaving them on the left is an option … what about fetching data only for that track?

Interestingly, while working out another issue, I yanked a plugin that would not allow itself to be disabled and I’m getting darn near exactly the result I’m looking for with the lookup results.

A quick reply with just the metadata. The pending queue counter empties out -really- fast.