Saving Tags on Network Drive

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I’m running a samba network server on a raspberry pi, and I get an error when trying to save tags. Picard is able to tag all files, but is unable to save the tags, the error I get is: IOError: [Errno 95] Operation not supported
I’m new to this community but I believe I read that MusicBrainz Picard does support writing to network files, so is there something else I’m missing? I read a common issue is that files are read only, but I made sure all files I’d like to save are read/write.


Did you check that the mount itself is read/write? Even though the files on the remote device might not be read-only, if you mount the device as read-only on your local machine, it won’t allow editing the files. Have you tried creating new files on the device in your file manager?

Also, what version of Picard? What operating system? What operating system on the Raspberry Pi?