Saving Original date to MB DB along with Release Date


When adding a release to the database, how do I indicate the original year in addition to the release year? For example, this album:
Doce Rosas by Lorenzo Antonio has a release date in itunes of 2007. When adding this release to iTunes how can I also submit 1986 as the original release date or year?
I’ve read here: [Musicbrainz Date Tags] that itunes displays both, and that you should enter the digital release date, but it doesn’t say where to enter the original year…

Thanks for your help!

The original date in Picard is derived from the oldest release in the same release group. Unfortunately there is currently no original release from 1986 in that RG:

You could research the original release (on Vinyl?) and add it to this RG.


Thank you so much for explaining!! I will research it and add it.

Thanks again!

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