Saving metadata to WAVE files

Old Person Warning!

I have succeeded in copying all my vinyl to hard drive as .wav files. So far so good. I drag them into middle panel and hit Lookup or Scan. Picard comes back with all the data in the right hand panel. Brilliant! Thank you Picard! Now the problem; what must I do to save them to a nominated folder with all the new meta data?

I’ve searched the Help files but everying I’ve tried results in nothing happening. The files are not read only.

Picard does not (yet) support saving metadata to WAV files, see also the FAQ

The common recommendation is to store the files in a lossless format like FLAC instead, which supports being tagged.

Update: Relevant Picard ticket is PICARD-1128


I am going from bad to pathetic.

I copied vinyl to .wav and then discovered Picard can’t tag .wav. Fine - so I converted .wav to ,mp3. All good so far. Picard identified the track and I have the data in the right-hand panel. The SAVE icon is grayed out, How do I save the data back to my .mp3 file on my hard drive?


The note icons mean you don’t have the files matched. You need to find the files in the left pane, and drag them to the album in the right pane.

Once the files are matched, there will be a rectangle instead of a music note. The rectangle will be colored green, yellow or red depending on how well the metadata in the file matches that in the database.

BTW, by converting .wav to .mp3 will lose some of the quality of the music. If you want to keep it lossless, you should convert to .flac.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond. I followed you advice and it’s all working now.


Worth noting in the meantime if you want to stick with WAV and you want to match to MusicBrainz there are alternatives such as my own SongKong, but also Beatunes, beets and probably others.