Saving files but not seeing any changes!

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Hi everyone,

I am new here.

I have trying to use musicbrainz to tag and sort out some of my albums. I am following the below steps but unable to see any changes in my album information.

  1. Add files / folder. The files get added. I can see them as unmatched files.
  2. I select the unmatched files and I click on cluster. I now see them as a clustered album.
  3. I click on the clustered album and hit the lookup button ( magic wand )
  4. The album information loads up on the right side with green tags. I also see the album image at the bottom.
  5. I now hit save and I get all green ticks.

But when I load the albums into my auralic aries library, these albums does not show up. If I go and look into the folders, I can’t see the album image. I also don’t see any new modified date info.

All my files are wave files.

Picard does not currently support writing tags to WAV files:

You may want to convert your files to a format like FLAC that is audio wise identical to WAV, but was born with native tagging support. Picard handles FLAC files easily. :slight_smile: (And they take up less space than WAVs too!)

(You should still be able to move/rename WAV files with Picard though. If it’s not doing that and you’re asking it to, that sounds like a bug!)

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Is there a technical problem if I want to retain my files as wave only ? I see that all my “wav” albums that were properly ripped from cds with metadata work well. So this means that albums ripped as waves should work fine with metadata, right ? Technically speaking ?

Some of my older rips to waves were ripped well but not with correct metadata. These are the albums which I face issues with.

Of course you can keep your files as WAV, but as Freso pointed out above as of now Picard can’t tag them.

Personally I don’t see a point at keeping WAVs unless you use some specific software that cannot deal with FLAC. Otherwise just convert to FLAC and you get noticable smaller file size and are more flexible in tagging without losing anything.

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When you get to high-end audio systems there is an argument that Wav does indeed sound better than Flac, after all thats why tools such as let you transcode from flac to wav.

Wav now has support for ID3 the same as mp3, so its tagging is at least as comprehensive as Flac. The trouble is its not currently quite as well supported


FLAC uses lossless compression and will produce the exact same bytes as the original wav file.
The same is true for any of the lossless formats such as apple lossless etc.
It is the equivalent of putting a wave in a zip file where you can just extract the file and get the original file.


Thanks everyone for the replies.

So, for the problematic files, I need to convert them to flacs using an external program and then bring them to picard to tag.

Before, I do this, are there any other programs which do this magic with wave files ?

I am slightly older gen audiophile who used to play cds off a Transport > Dac. So, all this is new to me.

Also, when picard write the tag info to the flac files, does it modify the flac file in any way ?

To tag with Picard, yes.

Since you ask, my own SongKong tagger does this

Its modifies the flac file yes, since it is writing the metadata to the file, but it doesnt modify the flac audio part if that is what you mean.