Save-to Destination for "Unmatched" Files?

Is there any way to control / specify where the Unmatched items are saved at, in regards to working on a particular album?

Case in point, I have a set of Weird Al, Poodle Hat that has another that has the whole album also in one single flac file.

Not sure what the single file is about. I’ll go back at some point and figure it out, but for the time being, I just want to keep any extra stuff like that with the rest with it.

If I save those unmatched files they go somewhere else all together in the sorting.

Would one option be to add *.mp3 *.flac, etc. to the list of file types to move along with the tracks? - since I’m presuming that the tracks are processed first, and moved so they would be gone when the pass for “other files” happens?

…or would this cause Bad Things to happen?

Unmatched files currently don’t get any metadata from the album, so they just get saved according to your naming script based on the original file metadata. It might make some sense to at least give those files the album metadata. But as of now you would need to match it first.

But for now you either need to edit the metadata manually or match the files to a proper track.

Somewhat, but it is a bit awkward to handle. Picard won’t consider a file “additional file” if it is also loaded into Picard. So you would need to make sure to not have this file in Picard, then e.g. a *.mp3 rule would also move it. But this has the risk that you maybe move other *.mp3 files along that you also have not loaded, but which you would not like to move along with the other file.

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Ah, yes- files loaded are not “additional”, so I’d have to pull that… and then with said settings in there, tread lightly.

Just need to figure out how much of the metadata there needs to be then, or just go move the stuff manually. Right now I’ve added Album and Date and it still goes somewhere else when saved, rather than with the Album.

Semi-related, is there a way to deal with additional/other files on the left side? Like random txt, existing cover art, etc. when saving from the left side?

Though I see where there could be some ambiguity as to where to put them since you’re dealing the possibility of different locations when reading from the same directory.

Though if perhaps the stuff in the clustered directory were a compilation, then whatever else is in there could go with it, too.

“Move additional files” should work there as well. The logic is really quite simple: If a file gets moved Picard looks for files matching the additional files pattern. Those files get moved along with the saved file. It works the same no matter if you save on the left or right pane.


It doesn’t appear to be working, as I’ve got *.nfo and *.txt files still in directories from stuff saved on the left side and I do have those extensions in there for additional files to copy, and they are copied from saving via the right side.

…and is there some voodoo like way to copy -existing- artwork files other than cover.jpg?

My naming script / save from the right side will put the Album Art in a directory called AlbumArt, except for the cover. (!!!) but if I have other jpg in there it will not move them unless, of course, I put *.jpg in there too, but then things that get run through Picard in succession will have additional copies of cover.jpg adding up. Can I ignore cover.jpg as an existing file, and still let the Album Art process normally, replacing / getting from CAA each time?