Save Release Album not Compilations


I’ve been searching all over for this answer and can’t find it other than to mess with the Release sliders. I have noticed a pretty big issue with MBP relating to MBP choosing the correct albums. I’m sure, like me, you want your songs to be matched with the original albums and not lumped into a massive compilation like Promo Only or someone’s driving playlist.

How do I stop MBP from choosing these compilations and saving the original songs album to Meta? I can see most of the songs I am trying to accomplish this task with already have solid original song meta, but MBP keeps choosing Promo Only or some other generic compilation as the album.

Is there a way an admin or someone can grant access to the database in order for users to apply a check mark next to the original album or something to tell MBP?


If you have reasonable good metadata already and mostly tag albums you should first use the Cluster button and the use the Lookup button on the clustered files.

There are a couple of threads here discussing this process.

That’s not a thing in MusicBrainz :wink:


there are also settings you can change that way it will look for one type or another. the fuller the bar the more it will be likely to show it as a result if it is on music brains.