Save both 'Artist as credited' and 'Artist in Musicbrainz' to Tags

The MB database has to values for a Artist tag ‘Artist as credited’ and ‘Artist is Musicbrainz’. I know Picard can set via the ‘Use standardized artist names’ to use the second for the Artist tag.
But what i need is to save both to tags.
Let me illustrate this with my current, actual problem:
The Artist has used as name ‘Dota und die Stadtpiraten’ before 2013 and ‘Dota’ after that. But since this is the same group i want to group/sort them together in in my player and put in the same folder in the filesystem.
Setting the above mentioned option would help, but would prevent me from showing the the actutal credited name (for example: infos about currently playing).
This would also prevent intentions artists had with things like this This is a normal album from this group, but the use some sort of fictional band name as pseudonym to make this look like a compilation.
So how can i write both artist name variants to my tags?


Not sure if this helps you, but I put everything into my file system under their ‘artist in MB’ name, but tag them with their ‘as credited’ name.
Because Foobar2000 searches both tags and filenames, both searches are useful.
Foobar also let’s you browse by file system so they’re grouped in there as well, but play as credited.

If you use a player that relies on tags exclusively that wont help though.
And I’m not sure what you can use to sort by one tag, and then the other, interchangeably. You can obviously set both tags but only one can be the ‘track artist’ tag - perhaps one tag for album artist and one for track artist? That might work.

Your solution would’nt work for me, since the players i use at the moment (Quod Libet, Guayadeque) can’t use both Tags and filesystem at the same time. Furthermore this would make problems with Windows filesystems.
I like to ask how your workflow looks in detail, since saving the tags also rewrite the files. And to make two ‘runs’ with the mentioned optioned one time activated the other deactivated sounds like a lot of work.

I’m not familiar with those players sorry, so not sure what problems that would cause.

What I meant is that you just substitute %artist% in your file naming script with something like %albumartistsort%.
This only affects the file naming, not the tagging, so two passes shouldn’t be necessary.

I do a lot of manual file naming work because I want bitrates etc anyway, so I haven’t tested this myself, but that might be a start for you?

Yes using the Artist sort name is the solution i use at the moment until i find a better one.
And aside, that now sometimes i must search a bit longer in my player this works well. (Looking for ‘Incredible Herrengedeck, The’ instead of ‘The Incredible Herrengedeck’ drives me crazy ;))
But unless i find or write a plugin that does this specific job it seems i have to stick with this solution

Perhaps someone else can post if there’s a option to use a standardized artist name (but not the sort name) for file naming?
Maybe @outsidecontext?

I had a look at this. With the current implementation in Picard it is not directly possible using only Picard options and scripting, since “Use standardized artist names” is applied immediately after the data gets loaded and affects the available tags directly.

However, a plugin has access to the data loaded from the server and could provide additional variables.

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Ok thanks, assuming there isn’t already a plugin or somebody is willing to code on, there is nothing a can do.
Maybe i i find some time between my other project i may looking into the api to do it myself.

I also had a need for this functionality in my naming script, so I developed a plugin to provide the information in a few additional scripting variables. I’ve submitted it for inclusion in the list of available Picard plugins, but until it has been accepted it is available at if anyone is interested. There is also a README file that explains the new variables created and some examples of their use.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know… Especially if you spot any bugs!