Satisfactory accuracy rate for Musicbrainz database bulk addition (Discogs Artists External link)

This is not bad idea in principle however often an artist is well represented either in Discogs or MusicBrainz but not both, just look at the first page (artists are ordered by total number of releases discogs + mb) and you’ll see that in many cases there is only one release in either mb or discogs.

Go down to page 20 and the total number of releases mb + discogs is only seven

So the chances of getting three matches is quite low

I could do this if it was required to get agreement

Not fair to lump me in with this really.


In my opinion, the criteria that ijabz has established are strict enough to combine the arithmetic of dicogs and Mb.
You should not be too fussy with such an update, otherwise nothing will ever come out.


Yes, those statements sound sensible. :thinking::blush::+1:


Given the specifics of this import, I am absolutely fine with this.

Ideally the bot will be created and used only for this specific import, to make these edits easy to find. The bot’s bio could explain the matching used.
Edit notes could perhaps specifically list the criteria for that match (“same name (X) and unique in both + share these exact release names: A, B, C”, but them in nice English and layout). (Including the artist name is important, in case artists get renamed later).


I would exclude self-titled releases, too.


The only thing I can say


I shall try and write a bot soon, shouldn’t take long really

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Remember to contact us before running it in the main database, so we can check it and give it the bot flag etc as needed. You can go wild testing in if you want though! (that’d actually give us a good idea of the kind of edits it’ll do, the edit notes it will leave, etc.) :slight_smile:


I’ve looked at the report, and I understand the premise. I think there is still potential for error, and I’d like to dig into the list and look for examples, but it is difficult to do so because the list cannot be filtered, sorted or searched as it is presented, so I’d have to wade through 65 pages looking for any artist I am able to comment on. Is it possible to make it easier to work with?

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I don’t know how many artists you feel able to comment on are actually going to be in this list, as most are pretty obscure. It would seem more efficient to just pick some artists at random and check to see if the match is valid but if you really want I could generate either a csv file containing the full list that you could download and search with your favourite text editor.