Samples (recording-to-recording relationship)

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Hi again!

When it comes to saying which songs sampled which other songs, is there / should there be a way to specify which actual part they’re sampling?

For example, I’ve added a relationship to say that Theme From S‐Express samples Stacey’s Dream (a cappella). Is there or should there be a way to specify that it’s the “Overdrive” sample in particular? While full lyrics can’t be specified due to copyright reasons, I’m guessing a short snippet like that might be OK?

Another neat thing would be to specify the starting point in minutes and seconds of the sample, in both the sampled song and the sampling one. The website does this, for example, which also helps to identify the sample in question. With sample-heavy songs like Theme From S‐Express, Beat Dis, Pump Up the Volume, and so on, I think it would be useful to have some extra information to help people see at a glance which sample is from which other recording.

A lot of samples are from films, but I’m guessing those are beyond the scope of MusicBrainz to note.