Same user name on Discourse as MusicBrainz? oops

I just went through the simple, smooth process of creating a Discourse user ID based on following a link from It proposed a Discourse user ID “Jim_DeLaHunt” (with underscore) based on my MusicBrainz user ID “Jim DeLaHunt” (with space). It also prompted something like, “short, no spaces”. So I changed my discourse user ID to my typical short ID: “JDLH”.

Now I read that it’s an advantage to have the exact same user ID on Discourse and MusicBrainz. But apparently the name rules are different on the two systems, in a way which ruled out keeping my Musicbrainz user ID. And the prompt for the Discourse account creation didn’t suggest keeping the two names the same. So I ended up with something different.

I can imagine that unifying the user ID rules is one of the rough edges to smooth out, and I can wait for that. But I will need help changing my user ID on one or both systems in the future.

And, if keeping a unified user ID is really a benefit, it might be nice to find a way to suggest that on the Discourse registration dialogue. Since that dialogue is so admirably concise, I realise it might be hard to fit in such a suggestion.

I hope this feedback is helpful in smoothing out rough edges.
–Jim DeLaHunt


Hopefully later tonight (after the #MetaBrainz meeting) we will make a change to the way Discourse authenticates against MusicBrainz and your username here should get automatically updated. We’re just awaiting some test results. :slightly_smiling:

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And SSO was just toggled on with tonight’s MB server release. If you log out and back in, your username should get updated. :pray:

Has anyone with a space in a username tried that yet?

Here! I was previously known as @augustjanse, but when I logged out and logged in to try out the new system I was magically renamed @August_Janse. I am actually a little displeased about my clean looking, chosen nickname being replaced with something much uglier, but I suppose there’s no other way if the usernames should be unified and Discourse won’t accept spaces. It seems to have worked well otherwise.

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Don’t worry, it’s not bad, it does look good.


Worry, it looks bad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Me too. I just came back to the Discourse forum, and my user ID is now “Jim_DeLaHunt”. My user ID on has a space: “Jim DeLaHunt”.

So, it looks like the Discourse configuration has got better at maintaining a Discourse user ID which is derived from the MusicBrainz ID.

I wonder if the registration dialogue for registered MusicBrainz users who are coming to the first time will still give them a chance to change their Discourse user ID, or if it will just present it to them as already determined. And, I wonder if the dialogue will explain that the Discourse user ID is based on the MusicBrainz ID, except maybe with underscore instead of space.

Why not go with BumpyCaps (or NerdCaps, or CamelCaps, or InterCaps)? CamelCase

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That’s a question for Discourse, and it’s a small enough thing that we’re not going to do custom-coding for that. :wink:

It won’t. Username is entirely based on the username at MB.o. This was one of the reasons for switching out the OAuth2 solution for this new Discourse SSO one. I thought I had disabled changing usernames with OAuth2, but apparently it was still possible when people signed up, so we went and did this instead.

I don’t think so.

That is what happend to me. My posts are under my MB nick now, but citations aren’t.

Hey @ApeKattQuest_MonkeyPython / @ApeKattQuest_MonkeyPython, have you noticed you have used two different accounts here ? :confused:

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yes, those duplications will be removed. basically just moving names :D.
freso will look into making it so the wrong name’s likes are removed. sorry about that

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