Same Song Released Under Different Artist Names?

So I have a recently logged a bunch of soundtrack music from Japanese visual novels, and I am stuck with a problem and need some help from Japanese speakers:

Recording and is technically the same song (the former being the Japanese release and the latter being the Chinese release), but they have distinct artist attributes.

From what I can tell, the two different artists are technically the same person, but the Japanese release is released under a pseudonym that is only reserved for R18 works (even though the song itself is all-age, the vanilla release of the game is rated as R, and that’s why this pseudonym is used), while the Chinese release uses the usual name for all-age works (since the game itself is censored to be all-age).

Usually, IIRC, the operation is to merge artists and then merge the recordings. However, AFAIK, correlating a R18-only pseudonym and the real name is highly impolite and offensive in Japanese culture. I double checked both Japanese and Chinese Wikipedia, and they have separate entries for the R18 pseudonym that had no mentions of the real name. I’ve also asked some of my friends who are knowledgeable about this subject, and was told that even if who is behind the pseudonym is well-known, correlating them is still considered offensive in Japanese culture.

Therefore, I would like some input on how to handle this issue before doing anything. Shall I merge them? And if I do merge them, what about artist attributes?

Thank you.

If they are the same song I think they should be merged. The proper artist credit can be used on the release.


I don’t know about these recordings.
But about the artists (I don’t know either), you can link them with performs as relationship, if it’s certain, linking the sites that claims so in the edit note.


If I merge the recordings, will the performer/artist credit in individual album listings be the same?

Should I use (real name) performs as (pseudonym) or the other way round?

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real name performs as pseudonym