Same Recordings: Kissins 27 March 1984 piano? Gosteleradio - Melodia?

While I was doing it, it seemed obvious that the Recordings of Evengy Kissins at a 27 March 1984 concert were the same Recordings.

So I re-used the Recordings of this RCA Red Seal Release,

on this Revelation Release,

Was this justified?

Or should I have re-used Recordings related to the following Recording?

These Recordings are Licensed by Pipeline Music which is directly related to the Gosteleradio recordings and Revelation label.
But is the RCA Red Seal Release also from the Gosteleradio recordings? Or are the Melodia recordings different from the Gosteleradio recordings?

All of them are corded on the same date

All of them are recorded at the same venue and at the same date if I’m not mistaken.

Recorded live in the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, March 27, 1984

If this is the case, are you asking if another set of microphone, i.e. another company has recprded at the same day and venue ? That would be hard to determine.

Is the accoustid helpful at all ?


Thanks for your input. Yes, same date, same place, same performers.
No Revelation acousticids to compare.

The Pipeline/Fenix/Yedang Recordings have been re-mastered from Gosteleradio archive tapes.
Whereas the Red Seal Recordings come via Melodia who had released LPs of the performance back in the 1980s.

Having both Gosteleradio and Melodia making separate recordings does now seem a real possibility.

I think that changing the association to the Brilliant Classics Recordings is on far firmer ground with links Gosteleradio and Brilliant Classics.

Further research has my use of the Red Seal Recordings as an error.

The Gosteleradio sourced Recordings appear not to be of a 27 March 1984 performance to the ears of one reviewer who cites “… sounded wrong to me, horn fluffs, muffled sound, a distinctly different opening tempo for the Allegro maestoso of the E minor etc” as differences to the RCA Recording noted in direct comparison. Whilst muffled sounds could be explained by different microphones at the same performance, horn fluffs and different tempo cannot be so explained away.
Additionally metadata on Revelation label Release coverart is better relied on with only moderate confidence in my experience.

The use of these incorrectly dated Recordings by Brilliant Classics and their source being Gosteleradio is confirmed by the details at russiancdshop webite, “CD 2 PIANO CONCERTO No. 1 in E minor Op. 11… PIANO CONCERTO No. 2 in F minor Op. 2 … Evgeny Kissin, piano Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Dmitri Kitaenko Recording: 27 March 1984 … Pipeline Inc … exclusive license of Gostelradiofund, Russian Federation”

Comparing track times:
Track times of matched Revelation, RCA, Brilliant Classics Recordings:

Concerto 1 Movement 1: 18:22, 18:28, 17:54 (-6, +28)
Concerto 1 Movement 2: 08:27, 08:28, 08:09 (-1, +16)
Concerto 1 Movement 3: 09:16, 09:30, 09:03 (-14, +13)
Concerto 2 Movement 1: 13:05, 13:07, 12:51 (-2, +14)
Concerto 2 Movement 2: 07:40, 07:42, 07:33 (-2, +7)
Concerto 2 Movement 3: 07:52, 07:53, 07:35 (-1, +17)

Bracketed is “length of Revelation track minus length of RCA, Brilliant track”.

Though the RCA track times are closer, I’ve got much more confidence in the reviewer and cited Gosteleradio source being accurate than a match made on closer track times.


I have linked the Recordings to the Brilliant Classics Gosteleradio Recordings.

There remains the problem of the erroneous date (27 March 1984) being applied across multiple Releases, Tracks, and Recordings.