Same recording, with applause: still same recording?

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Out of boredom I started looking through the 9th of beethoven symphonies. I stumbled over these two releases: and . It seems obvious to me that they are recordings of the same performance (both live, at the same place, with dates that contain each other), but one has tracks for applause and the other doesn’t (letting me think that one either cropped them or included it in the other tracks), and the track times are quite different. I would love to merge them (as they are apparently recordings of the same performance), but what’s the official point of view on this matter?

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So it’s different recording IMO no merge needed.


The ArtHaus one is a Blu-ray, so I guess each medium is presented as a continuous concert with just index markers. The extra stuff isn’t just applause, it adds up to more than than the CD track lengths, and do Japanese audiences applaud between movements? I would think not. They are not eligible for merging.


I didn’t notice that detail before, but I guess we have video vs audio? Another thing to don’t make that merging.


Can you Relate these Recordings through an Event (the concert) , instead of Merging them?