Same artist, same release name, same year

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For the most part my filenaming script is where I want it to be. I have some releases where the artist, release name, and year are all the same and I don’t want them all in the same folder.

The best I could think of was this -

$if2(%album%,Unknown) [$left(%musicbrainz_albumid%,8)...]

Which gets this -
[2002] Are You In_ [a0a7b0e2…]
[2002] Are You In_ [0ff3896c…]
It works but it’s not the most elegant looking structure. The MBID is the only reliable way I can see to do this since it will always be unique and I think 8 characters should be enough for this. With some other ones I have like this the country, release month, catalog #, etc are also the same or missing. Does anyone implement something less ugly? Is there even another way to do this? Ultimately this setup is fine with me, I’m just wondering if there’s a better way I can do this. I hope I never have to do this at the artist level ugh /:

You could add a disambiguation comment to one of them and then append %_releasecomment%.