SACEM has [not] changed their work ID

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I should study more in depth and open some ticket but I writing this problem down here, otherwise I’ll forget (I already forgot this once or twice recently, now another time I come across it, I don’t want to have to remember it myself):

SACEM used to have a short integer ID for works.
Now they use something that looks like our Disc ID and work permalinks no longer work, we have to use work search URL instead (cf. second edit, lower).

I must verify that they are actually work ID and not search session ID or seomthing bogus like that.


… so wait, did the links break, or is the ID not used at all anymore? (in which case, I guess it wasn’t meant as an ID in the first place?)

I don’t think there ever were any direct links via work attributes. (AFAIK that function was only ever used for JASRAC IDs.)

Just going to repeat my edit note:

On one hand, SACEM repertoire website used to expose ISWC only, although an integer was used in URLs, as shown in this archived example of SACEM work page with old-fashion URL.

On the other side, SACEM is known to identify works with integer IDs called COCV (Code Œuvre, Code Version literally Work Code, Version Code). Looking at COCV examples, it might be the same integer used in old SACEM repertoire URLs, although it still has to be confirmed/disconfirmed with a complete example. (There is nothing about Works by Pierre-Yves Plat in MBDB.)

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Also repeating my edit notes here, since this may be useful in the future, and it’s easier to search the forum than edit notes:

You can still lookup works by the COCV/SACEM ID using a URL like this:

However, that site seems to be pretty broken. I have to clear cookies or use a new incognito window for each search, otherwise I get an error.

To find the COCV based on the title and artist, use this search page, find the work you want, click “Version imprimable” in the bottom left of the popup, and the COCV will be in the address bar.


Unfortunately they took their SACEM ID permalink friendly sigried server down now and permalinks don’t work any more:

Last time I could use it was on Wednesday 2018-12-05.
First time I noticed it wasn’t there anymore on Friday 2018-12-07.

Very fortunately, their SACEM WORK CODE is still visible in HTML source code as first and only result of,parties&query=letter%20to%20herm,bowie&nbWorks=10 (the only linkable stuff), shows:

‘sacem work code’:‘7300202211’,‘iswc’:‘T-900.011.418.1’,…


Just for the record:
Now they completely hid their work codes away, even from their source code.
It’s became an internal code for them.


Do they still get shown in ISWCNet?


Oh! Excellent!
I didn’t know we would see all agency work codes in!
It’s awesome! Thanks @reosarevok!

There is also JASRAC and many others. For LETTER TO HERMIONE for instance, there are more than 20 agencies referenced!

It’s a pity their navigation apparently does not allow permalinks…

Wow, we can actually link to an ISWC search!

Super handy!
Butt these ISWC search links don’t work on Firefox for Android, always asking to log in.
It worked on my Vivaldi PC.


Blame the reCAPTCHA bullshit. Get Buster if you are getting of tired solving them manually.
Too bad Mozilla crippled Firefox for Android though.


It’s more a problem with iswcnet itself, how it manages how people enter their site with either referrer (previous page) not being outside their site, session cookies, etc.
So on mobile we have to copy the URL and if we paste it in the address bar, it works. On PC, once logged in, it works with the link

But thanks very very much for the Buster extension, I installed it on Firefox for Android (v68), and on my PC (Firefox and Vivaldi). It’s such a relief, this extension!!!