Rust CLI Tool for Submitting Playlists & Feedback

Hi everyone! I’m a developer and I’ve recently tentatively created a command-line tool to submit M3U playlists to Listenbrainz! The tool reads the tags from music files and matches them with MBIDs to create native Listenbrainz playlists. As a bonus, you can give feedback for all of the tracks in a playlist!

My tool is available at the GitHub repository below. It’s pretty feature-complete (I think, at least enough to be used) but testers and developers are very much welcome! Hopefully this fills a need :slight_smile:



That looks like an interesting tool – thanks!

Could I convince you to please add a new section that covers playlist tools, add the playlist-uploader and then send us a pull request?


Ooh thanks, I will! It’d be nice to have it in the docs for anyone that wants it.