Running scripts on clusters / things not in the MB database

Is there any way to run scripts on items that are not in the MB database? The scripting feature is extremely useful for formatting tags, so it would be nice to be able to apply it to things that are just grouped as “clusters.” For instance, to take the content of the “Composer” tag and place it at the beginning of a track title.

Is it also possible to mass-set artwork for “clusters” like it is for releases that are found/grouped?

Both of these features would make Picard a great all-purpose tagging tool. ATM I seem to have to use three different programs for editing to compensate for not being able to use Picard’s features on items that aren’t in MB (Mp3 tag for scripting; metadactics for general editing).

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Currently this is not possible. I personally also have a few scripts I only sometimes activate for specific files or want to run against local files only, so I have just implemented some feature which allows you to run arbitrary scripts via context menu on anything (clusters, files, albums, tracks). The feature is not yet in Picard and the code needs some tweaking and final review, but I hope to get this in :slight_smile:


That sounds fantastically useful! When you get it working, would you be able to let me know?

Definitely, I’ an update here once this is easily available.

My code has been merged. It is not in a release yet, but I would appreciate if you could give it a try. Development builds for MacOS and Windows are available here:


Please note that the MacOS link will expire in 14 days (but by then there is for sure another build available).


Picard 2.0.3 is out now for a few days and includes this functionality. This should allow you to also run scripts manually on everything on the left and right pane, including unmatched files and clusters.


@outsidecontext This is a game changer for me! Thank you!!

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