Running multiple instances of Picard?

Just wondered if anybody had ever thought about a way that we could run a second instance of Picard while the first is busy, for a different batch of files?
I know, I’m probably too impatient! LOL

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We have thought about ways how we can make Picard always use the same instance instead of starting a new one (but not implemented this yet). Because that is the problem the majority of users currently is having :smiley:

That tells me you are using macOS, which does activate existing instances of running apps instead of opening separate ones. What about making a copy of the app and launching that separately? I think that would cause macOS to not activate the existing instance and launch a separate one.

You can also launch separate instances of an app using the open command in a terminal, see e.g.:

UPDATE: But don’t be surprised if you have multiple instances and do heavy lookups on both when you run into request errors because of rate limiting.