Run vs. residency - what's the difference?

We added a separate “residency” event series type with STYLE-1592, but brought to mind the fact that we’ve never formally established what constitutes a run vs. a residency. I thought they were interchangeable terms, yet I seem to recall at least one editor claiming the “run” type was more meant for opera, musical theatre, etc. Is there some nuance I’m missing, e.g. an altered meaning in a different language or region?

Full disclosure: STYLE-1592 was a spinoff of STYLE-1590, a ticket I created which added the “residency by” artist-series relationship. I did not anticipate that a separate series type would be needed or created to go with it.

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the baker’s dozen is referred to as a residency here

runs in this context are usually 2-3 nights at a place as a part of a tour. this livephish package is from when phish did a 3 night run in chicago as a part of the 2014 summer tour.

with residency, it seems it could mean either “every tuesday night for years” or “phish doing 13 nights at MSG”

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Another example to add to the mix:
Barry Manilow has A Gift of Love, a series of 5-night charity concert runs at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, California. I initially classified these as “run” because they only run for 5 nights apiece, but I changed them to “residency” soon after a similar short series of concerts was reclassified after the new relationship type was added.
To this day, I’m still conflicted. I don’t know where to draw the line; is it number of shows, consecutive continuity (i.e. a continuous run with a day or two off, rather than, say, sets of 7 shows spaced months apart)?

I think of residency as connoting something more open-ended. However, according to wikipedia, anything over 10 dates at the same venue is considered a residency by Pollstar.


“Run” was more meant for operas, musicals, etc. than it was for “the same performer giving a concert in a place all the time”. In a run, the performers might even change sometimes: opera runs in my hometown sometimes alternate between two main soloists, for example.

For a pop artist who is contracted to repeatedly play the same place, I’d use residency. For a pop artist who happens to play 3 shows in the same venue and then goes on with their tour, I would use tour and not have anything separate for that. For a pop artist who just happens to play two or three shows in the same venue and that’s it, I probably wouldn’t add a series at all.


if asked to describe Phish’s 2017 summer tour, i would say

they kicked it off with a 3 night run in chicago, then did a show in dayton and one in pittsburgh before the dozen. then they wrapped it up with phish dicks

if i were to just use tour and not have anything separate for that, i wouldn’t be able to link those terms