Rules regarding aliases for release names and also recording names

Hello there!

I understand the reason why aliases are permitted for an artist based on the localization.

I was wondering if the same localization rules apply to release names and recording names please? I couldn’t find anything relevant in the on-line help.

As an example, this album is only listed on MB with it’s Japanese name. On VGMdb, they list the album and the individual tracks in both English and Japanese.

In this example, the album was only released in Japan, hence the entry on MB. But if localization was applied in Picard for the artist, then it would be useful if the same could be applied to release and recording too.

I suspect this exists elsewhere in the forum, but I couldn’t find anything relevant when search.

Thanks for your time.


Hi! Sounds like you’re looking for pseudo-releases :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. That certainly makes sense. I’ll work on some edits like this.