ROpdebee's userscripts support thread

I don’t juggle my Monkeys as I assume I’d need to reinstall all the scripts.


As of today, ECAU no longer works for me. I get this error every time, regardless of image provider:

macOS Ventura 13.1, Firefox 108.0.2, Violentmonkey 2.13.5

Hi, just wanted to chime in real quick and assure everyone that I’m still alive and that I haven’t abandoned the project. I’ve been really busy the last couple of months (work, moving, etc.) so I haven’t been able to dedicate much (or any) time, but I’ll have a few weeks of leave later this month which should allow me to look into and hopefully fix the reported issues.


Advice on “juggling one’s monkeys” as it were?
Is it possible/feasible to have 2 userscript managers installed simultaneously and both be functional? I experimented earlier by installing Tampermonkey and attempted to add some scripts to it but when I went to do so my browser defaulted to Violentmonkey.

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There seems to have been a Firefox related bug. Should be fixed in v2.13.7

“juggling one’s monkeys” is easy enough. Export the data and import it into the other. As long as you don’t have hundreds of scripts where half are disabled it should be pretty painless.

It is possible but expect problems especially when you have the same set of scripts enabled.
I for one have both extensions installed but only keep the one enabled I want to use/test.


Has the Soundcloud SC_CLIENT_ID changed? Guess not, it only happens with some:

Failed to fetch or enqueue images: HTTP error 401: Unauthorized

Some things I’ve noticed while on mobile:

  1. Deezer wants to redirect somewhere else, so fetching from the desktop page fails. Maybe fall back to the API which can still be used without credentials?

  2. Bandcamp pages are also slightly different on mobile. Cover art fetching fails even though images are there. Image Max URL also has no trouble.


I have no idea. I tested it on this release and it worked normally. Maybe it’s something to do with the settings on that account?

Hi! The enhanced art uploader currently (at least for vgmdb) takes the comment, uses the beginning to detect the type, and removes that string from the comment field. This would be useful for things that just say “Front” where the comment is unnecessary but for more complex comments it leaves stuff behind and doesn’t look as good/creates incomplete phrases like “Box Front (small)” to “Box (small)”, so I normally put those parts back in the comment. Maybe if the script only removed if the type was the entire comment that would be better, or an option for it.
Thanks for your scripts!


Would it be possible to add support for Juno Download and to ECAU? For cover art from Monstercat, you can just use this link and replace “MCEP270” with the catalog number from the release. If the catalog number doesn’t exist on the release you can also pull the catalog number from preexisting Monstercat links attached to the release eg. and where “MCEP270” is the catalog number. Additionally, Monstercat releases published after 11/30/2022 use the UPC/barcode of the release as their catalog numbers eg.

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Another possible website for ECAU: . If it could extract covers from here like it can from itunes that would be great for physical CDs from japan. Example:

I have no idea if this would be possible but worth asking I suppose.

But that example mixes 3 different releases on the same page with only one cover (supposedly the download edition cover art, only):

  • Booth “another jacket” edition (I think it means alternate front cover)
  • Download edition
  • CD edition with additional sleeve (probably non-square front cover)

I think it’s two editions, limited edition with “another jacket” and another with a bonus exclusive mp3 download you get after ordering. I added the link to that release before I noticed that bonus, made a new release for it and removed that link but it’s still pending. So only one release for sale there currently.

A better example:

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a feature idea for the Bandcamp importer… surely you know that Bandcamp pages can have a custom URL, I wonder how difficult it would be to automagically add both the custom and canonical * URLs to the imported release?

an example release with both links already added…

Apparently the custom redirects to the canonical.
To me it’s bogus, we should only keep the canonical URL.
Even without redirecting, if the same page has 2 URL, the main one should be kept, IMO.

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I believe that’s a userscript doing that, probably one of murdos’? scratch that, it could be Firefox doing that… on Chrome, if you navigate to another page on the Bandcamp, it’ll redirect to the equivalent

I think it would be good to keep the custom URL, as unless you’ve got that userscript, that’s all you’d see…

that said, if we’re only keeping one, the canonical URL would be the one to keep

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Oh actually it’s the canonical URL (the normal bandcamp URL) that redirects to the custom domain URL, FWIW.


If you are talking about this userscript, then you are asking in the wrong thread, by the way :wink:
Ropdebee’s ECAU userscript only adds import buttons for images (from Bandcamp), where it is impossible to detect custom Bandcamp URLs, not even MBS does that.

oh shoot, you right… I guess I looked at the wrong edit note from my last import, lol

looks like someone already got a ticket in for that tho…

Hi, me again, still alive. I managed to push a couple of ECAU updates this weekend with a fix for the Soundcloud client ID and a few new providers that were requested over the past few months. There’s also a new feature which I struggled to find a good summary for, but in short: it makes it possible to copy a portion of a webpage and paste it into the text box, and ECAU will then process the images (or, if there are no images, the links) from that page portion. Here’s a few videos to illustrate:

(the eBay example is a bit finicky and I cannot reproduce it anymore). It should make it more convenient to upload images from sites that aren’t supported as an ECAU provider.

I’m hoping to be able to dedicate some more time to maintaining the scripts, adding new features, and implementing new ideas (and actually editing releases again) in the future :crossed_fingers:


Hey, maybe ECAU could extract high res album art from Youtube Music!

Example album: beatles white album

If you just right click the image you get this small image:

But if you paste the link into maxurl, a web tool to find larger images on the web: Image Max URL

Then you get this:

It seems that all it does is to change the =w544-h544-l90-rj at the end to =s0?imgmax=0.

Image is pretty high res, its no PNG so it might be worse than iTunes but it might be nice to have? Thought I’d post just in case.