RG Type for audio drama

Also called audio play, radio drama, etc.

Which secondary RG type makes most sense? I’ve used Audiobook in the past, but Spokenword also has some things going for it. Of course now, editors will differ in their preferences, and we will end up with a hodgepodge like on musicbrainz.org/artist/04d2c7a5-d6a7-4878-9df0-c49153731438

I think we should either add a new secondary type for it, or, if not deemed popular enough, or too similar to another secondary, point to one of these other types in a style guide.

Right now, the only guide remotely touching the type is Style/Specific_types_of_releases/Theatre
which recommends „Soundtrack“ (what??) and gives pertinent example

which uses the saner „Spokenword“.