Revision Notes thread

In order for us to get used to writing Revision notes, I’ve created a thread where we can notify whomever that we have written one - eventually this notification will happen onsite, there is a GSOC proposal for just this thing.

So to prevent a glut of posts of the form “hey @user see note #4324242” let’s all use this thread instead.

so, @indy133 I’ve left a message for you on BookBrainz – The Open Book Database :sunny: !


Fine, nice idea!
So let me try to understand:
“Author A collaborated on Joint Author-Group C” and “Artist B collaborated on Joint Author-Group C”
Sorry, but I don’t know what this means.

My idea is that when we have authors that worked together on just a few works, they were collaborators for a certain period. When there are more than just a few collaborations (maybe 5) we may call them a group and then both of them are a members of the group (is/was a member of-rel)
I guess we still don’t have a definition of a group, but I thought the difference between a group and a collaboration is just a quantitative difference.
If I’m totally wrong, please correct me…

I guess I know what you’re referring to:

Eventually we will have this feature for collaborations between authors.

But this doesn’t cover collaborations between other contributors like translators, graphic designers, etc.

So maybe this relation is not totally useless.

PS: This will be my personal channel for some productive soliloquy :wink:

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