Review [OS X Cmd + Tab] toggle window focus/unfocus


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I’m experiencing sporadic issues with MusicBrainz Picard v1.3.2 in OS X v10.11.4

When I press Cmd + Tab to toggle focus/unfocus windows MusicBrainz, on occasions, doesn’t seem to respond - is anyone else suffering this problem?

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I believe I filed a bug about this quite a while ago.

Perhaps related to PICARD-761? Are there “nightly builds” for Mac OS X users?

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Yes there are, available from the Picard download page. Could indeed be related, but the fix does probably not apply to OS X. @ldexterldesign can you test the nightly development build and see whether this fixes the issue.

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Grabbed the latest build ( #158) - will follow up if the issue persists over the coming weeks

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Look at PICARD-694.

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Hopefully fixed in v1.4…

I’d suggest anyone else experiencing this issue to install v1.4 too and report back here


The ticket is still open, so it hasn’t been fixed, and @Zas wants to put 1.4 ASAP, so it’s unlikely to make it in, unless someone suddenly steps up with a patch.

It is possibly it has been fixed as a side effect of PICARD-761, so it would be great to hear back whether 1.4 nightlies fixed the issue for affected users.

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Unfortunately, I believe this issue still exists :slightly_frowning_face:

Let me know if I can be of further help

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