Reverting damage done

How do we get damage reverted? Some merges need rolling back.

I took a few days away from this site, and I return to find one of the releases in my collection has not only been right royally messed up, but the editor has gone ballistic on it and other edits.

I got shouted at for trying to edit barcodes and learnt to add new releases.

I also got in trouble for grammar errors. So learnt to fit in with the grammar rules.

I never destroyed information.

Today I login and see that this release has been seriously damaged by this person.

Discogs shows 12 different versions.

I am sure there were a couple of others here at MB.

For certain there was the single UK CD of this as I have that in my CD collection.

Even updated some of the details on here. The error this guy has made is to delete and merge everything to fit only his personal collection!

Is it possible to roll back his edits? Or do we have to put things back in again by hand? I assume with release-ids that we need to delete all his DVD stuff from this entry and revert it to the original CD. Then let him add a new entry.

Help? Where does this stuff get reported?

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I have now deleted the extra entries to put the original release back into the original state. That should get him talking hopefully.

This is a single CD. I’ll go fire up my scanner in a bit if needed to scan more details from this actual disk. Meanwhile I’ll let someone official give him the “how MusicBrainz works” lecture and check the rest of his edits.

My corrections…

Closer I have looked at this I can now see that he tried to add a two disk 2015 re-release. Instead of adding it in as a new release, he edited the one and only 2001 release that was listed and attempted to covert it to match his 2015 release.

This ended up with a mess with the 2001 bar code, both the 2001 and 2015 catalogue numbers, and most bizarre of all he had manage to turn this into a 2 CD + 1 DVD release.

The one thing I cannot correct for sure is the disk IDs. I assume we need to delete that single disk ID 190o091 added and let him re-add his CD+DVD release from fresh.

We are all noobs once - but I am surprised this one sneaked through compared with the lectures I got for using the wrong apostrophe!

Thanks for fixing everything.
You know that you can move disc id from your release to their release now?
You can by going to the disc id(or ids) page.
Have you told the editor what they did wrong, in their edit page with edit note?
I see they seem to have hijacked other. releases.

Hi IvanDobsky, I definitely see the frustration, but I need to ask you to be polite in your comments to this new user. Although they have clearly made mistakes, we have to assume they spent their time editing because they wanted to help/contribute, unless you really think otherwise (in which case you can report them).

I would recommend subscribing to artists or labels that you are interested in or have spent a lot of time on. Another very useful thing to do is to make a collection of the releases that you own (or have added, or care about, or whatever), and subscribe to that. Then you can be emailed and vote on destructive edits. If you’ve ever wondered why there’s a one week wait period for some edits… this is exactly why.

Although everything can be fixed/seperated afaik, let me express my sincere sympathies for the work you’ve done that has to be redone to make everything right. Three pages of edits is bad… but still manageable so keep your chin up!! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately there is no way other than to re-enter everything manually.

It would be really useful to have functionality for undoing specific edits or rolling back to previous versions, like in the Wiki.


@jesus2099 I don’t understand the bit about “move disc id from your release to their release”. There is only the one release here, which is the problem. He has taken the only release on MB and converted it to a totally different re-release in mistake. I can also see where he got totally confused and gave up as he then ended up with three disks on this release…

Anyway. It is back and repaired as it was before he started work. Or it will be once the votes happen to push this through. Currently it is a mess for anyone who uses MB and that album - until it is voted through. (Only got 1 vote so far…)

@aerozol yeah, my original language was tired frustration. If you look on the edits I have mellowed and tried to point out what he has done. Notice that I avoided hitting the “report” buttons on this person and came to the forum instead to try and get assistance.

When I first saw him doing edits to this album I was very very confused as to what was going on, but also very tired out. And then having enough trouble with a daft compilation album I tried to add in but got into all kinds of confused mess with style rules. It is why I had a rest… And then didn’t see the full problem until too late to comment on his edits.


Well, I tried to create the 2015 version using 190o091’s data and discogs for reference. And I find my grammar stalker has decided to create his own version.

I’ll step away from this now as clearly I have annoyed that guy in some way. He seems determined to waste my time on any edits I attempt to make lately. I’ll try again next week.

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Hi everyone, just searching for the same functionality to revert three release merging:

These are likely done by some misunderstandings (probably two pseudo and official pairs plus one album released in different regions). I’ve manually “fixed” one of them which I own the HK release (I say “fixed” because I suspect I still left a lot of details unfilled without both releases at hand)

Hope someone can help suggest ways to revert the other two. Many thanks! (And sorry if I’m hijacking this thread)


Thanks for spotting this. As I was the editor who added the mainland Chinese release, I’ve added more info.

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thank you, silentbird